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Data Engineer

Data Engineers possess the skills and knowledge to use, manipulate, and integrate data.
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Frontend Engineer

Frontend Engineers are highly effective specialists on frontend technology, directly impacting the user experience.
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Backend Engineer

Backend Engineers work with data processing, business logic, APIs and more.
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Some of us follow an unconventional path.

Not everyone picks up their tech skills in college. Many learn their skills in a boot camp or self study, but those skills are just as valuable.

Have your skills recognised with a certification.

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Some tests will be asynchronous (you do in your own time) and some will be live with us.

3. Certify

Once you've passed the evaluations, you'll be certified! Congratulations.

You'll receive a public profile hosted on listing your certified skills, which you can show to any prospective employer.

You'll have limited control of your profile, to change things like photo.

4. Employ

Your profile will optionally be made available for employers who are recruiting for your skills.

You'll have full control over discoverability.

Learn more about certification is an independent certification organisation. Our mission is to provide access to high quality certification to anyone working with technology--or aspiring to--no matter their learning path or personal situation. We aim to examine the most relevant concepts, to test deeply, and to move at the pace of the tech industry.

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Become a certified developer to have your skills recognized in the industry.

You'll receive a public online profile, and be connected with potential employers to help you kick start your tech career.
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Reduce your hiring cost by being directly connected to the top talent have been tested and vetted.

As a partner you also get to influence testing criteria, to ensure that developers are tested against the most relevant skills and technology.

About is an independent certification organisation. Our mission is to provide access to high quality certification to anyone working with technology.