What is cert.tech?

Cert Tech is an independent certification organisation. Our mission is to provide access to high quality certification to anyone working with technology--or aspiring to--no matter their learning path or personal situation. We aim to examine the most relevant concepts, to test deeply, and to move at the pace of the tech industry.

We take this really seriously. Our testing process is designed to be difficult, and crafted to evaluate a deep knowledge of all concepts within each topic area.

Why we exist

Barrier to entry

Education and recruitment in the technology sector is broken. Though there is ample material for people to learn for free, there is still a barrier to be taken seriously in the workplace. Companies and recruiters still look to university degrees as a signal of proficiency.

This creates a barrier to entry for many, who may have all the skills to be an amazing developer, but simply cannot be heard because they took a less conventional path to learning their craft.

People should be able to learn their way, and still be certified by a trusted institution. This gives companies the ability to maintain a high standard for their hiring process, while opening opportunity to a wider pool.

Aspiring developers should be able to move into the tech sector based around their dedication, passion, and commitment to do great work — not based around their current bank balance, their ability to take time off to study full time, or their social standing.

Recruitment is expensive

It is very expensive, time consuming, and somewhat risky for a business to hire.

Starting from posting a job online, on multiple job boards, recruiters searching and scanning for suitable candidates, trusting the candidate's CV, and interviewing effectively.

Every step is fraught with risk and is costly.

Cert.tech connects freshly certified candidates directly to businesses who need to recruit for developers. By building a trusted assessment platform, we aim to offer a trusted pipeline of candidates for businesses to tap into.

Candidates will be able to control their visibility at all times, so that no unwanted solicitation will occur, but any candidate that is using the certification as a means to find new work will be connected directly to employers who need their skills.

For developers

If you are building your skills in the tech sector, you can become certified for free via the cert.tech platform. After passing the evaluation rounds, you will receive public profile on the cert.tech website confirming your level of certification, so that potential employers can verify your level. You will also be connected confidentially with partners who are hiring, allowing you to find your ideal role quickly and smoothly.

We will never reveal your private information without your express permission, and you'll always be in control of what is shared.

You'll also be able to update and personalise your public profile.

For businesses

If you are a company, you can gain first access to the pool of freshly certified developers by becoming a Cert Tech partner. Reduce your hiring cost by finding developers who have already been tested and vetted.

As a partner you have the opportunity to influence testing criteria, to ensure that developers being certified are tested against the most relevant skills and technology.


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About cert.tech
cert.tech is an independent certification organisation. Our mission is to provide access to high quality certification to anyone working with technology.
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